Cheese Delights Down Under: Floridia's Legacy of Italian Craftsmanship

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In Australia's bustling food scene, one name stands out for bringing a slice of Sicilian heritage to the cheese counters: Floridia Cheese. This family-owned business blends traditional Italian cheesemaking techniques with local Australian ingredients to create cheeses that are loved across the country. Let's explore the story of Floridia Cheese, from its Sicilian roots to becoming a leader in Australia's cheese industry, and discover how it continues to win the hearts of cheese lovers everywhere.

Floridia Cheese is a testament to the rich legacy of Italian cheese manufacturers who have brought their time-honoured skills to Australia. Founded by Mauro Montalto and his family, who emigrated from Sicily in 1952, Floridia Cheese has grown from humble beginnings into one of Australia's premier cheese makers. The Montalto family's passion for cheese is a story of tradition, skill, and an unyielding commitment to quality.


History of Cheesemaking in Floridia

The origins of Floridia Cheese trace back to the small Sicilian town of Floridia, renowned for its sunny climate and fertile soil—ideal conditions for dairy farming and cheesemaking. When Mauro Montalto moved to Australia, he brought his family and artisanal knowledge, passed down through generations. Starting with making ricotta over a wood fire in his backyard, Mauro's craft quickly caught the attention of neighbours and local businesses, leading to the establishment of Floridia Cheese in a small factory in Bundoora by 1955.


The Art of Cheesemaking in Floridia

The art of cheesemaking at Floridia is deeply rooted in traditional techniques that highlight each cheese's texture, flavour, and aroma. The process begins with carefully selecting the finest local milk and centuries-old Sicilian methods to produce cheeses such as Bocconcini, Fresh Pecorino, and Mozzarella. These methods, honed over decades, ensure that every piece of cheese from Floridia reflects both Italian heritage and the Montalto family's dedication to craftsmanship.


Varieties of Cheeses from Floridia

Floridia Cheese offers a variety of exquisite cheeses that cater to all tastes. Each cheese is a testament to the skill and dedication of their cheese makers, delivering authentic Italian flavours right to your table. Here's a closer look at the various cheeses produced by Floridia:

  • Ricotta: Celebrated for its sweetness and velvety texture, Floridia's Ricotta is made using age-old Sicilian methods. This cheese brings a slice of the Italian countryside to your dishes, perfect for desserts, fillings, or simply spread on a slice of bread.
  • Bocconcini: These tender balls of mozzarella are a true delicacy. Soft and creamy, Bocconcini from Floridia are excellent in salads, as starters, or enjoyed independently. Their mild flavour makes them a versatile companion to sweet and savoury dishes.
  • Semi-Matured Pecorino: This cheese is aged meticulously to achieve a perfect balance of sharp, robust, and subtly delicate flavours. Floridia's  Semi-Matured Pecorino is ideal for grating over pasta, adding a rich depth to your culinary creations.
  • Mozzarella: Known for its superb reliability, Floridia's Mozzarella is a go-to cheese for cooking. Whether it's pizza, lasagna, or cheesy toast, this mozzarella enriches any dish with its creamy texture and mild taste.

Each variety of Floridia cheese is produced with an unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity, attributes that have made Floridia a favourite among both professional chefs and home cooks. The expertise of Italian cheese manufacturers like Floridia ensures that every product not only meets but often exceeds the expectations of cheese lovers, making their offerings a staple in kitchens across Australia. Whether incorporated into a recipe or enjoyed on its own, each cheese promises a taste of Italy's rich culinary tradition, thanks to the skilled hands of their cheese makers.


The Significance of Floridia's Cheese in Culinary Culture

Floridia Cheese, as a testament to the heritage of Italian cheese manufacturers, plays a pivotal role in enriching Australia's culinary culture. Their dedication to traditional cheesemaking practices offers a slice of Italy's rich gastronomic legacy, enhancing the diversity and quality of culinary experiences.

  • Authentic Italian Flavours: As esteemed cheese makers, Floridia brings authentic Italian flavours to Australian tables. Each cheese is crafted with techniques honed over generations, ensuring that every bite carries the true taste of Italy. This authenticity makes Floridia Cheese particularly significant in culinary settings where the essence of Italian cuisine is celebrated.
  • Versatility in Cooking: The variety of cheeses produced by Floridia, from soft, creamy Bocconcini to robust Fresh Pecorino, offers chefs and home cooks versatile options for enhancing their dishes. Whether it's a gourmet pizza, a sophisticated cheese platter, or a simple pasta dish, Floridia's cheeses add depth and richness that elevate the meal.
  • Cultural Connection: By maintaining the traditional methods of Italian cheese manufacturers, Floridia Cheese acts as a cultural bridge between Italy and Australia. They provide Australian consumers with genuine Italian products and help maintain Italian culinary traditions abroad. This cultural connection is crucial for preserving the identity and continuity of Italian cuisine outside Italy.
  • Supporting Local and International Palates: Floridia Cheese caters to both local Australian tastes and the palates of international consumers seeking authentic Italian cheeses. The company's commitment to quality and authenticity has made it a favourite among diverse audiences who appreciate the fine craftsmanship of traditional Italian cheese makers.



Floridia Cheese's journey from a small backyard operation to a leading name in Australian cheesemaking is a story of passion, tradition, and excellence. This legacy of Italian craftsmanship continues to thrive under the guidance of the Montalto family, making Floridia Cheese a celebrated icon in Australia's culinary market. Embrace the taste of tradition and excellence with every slice of Floridia's cheese, crafted from our family to yours. Contact Floridia Cheese to shop our products now.



1. What makes Floridia's cheese unique compared to other regions?

Floridia's cheese stands out due to the combination of traditional Sicilian cheesemaking techniques, local Australian ingredients, and the personal touch of a family-run business committed to quality and authenticity.

2. What role does tradition play in Floridia's cheesemaking process?

Tradition is the backbone of Floridia Cheese, influencing every aspect of production, from the selection of ingredients to the artisanal techniques. This commitment to tradition ensures that each batch of cheese is consistent in quality and true to its Italian roots.

3. How does Floridia's cheese contribute to the region's cultural identity?

By introducing authentic Italian cheeses to the Australian market, Floridia Cheese helps weave Italian culinary traditions into Australian culture, enriching the country's culinary diversity and offering Australians a taste of Italy's rich gastronomic legacy.

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