Floridia Cheese was founded by Mauro Montalto utilising the supreme cheese-making skills handed down to him by his forefathers over many generations. In 1952, Mauro Montalto brought those skills with him to Melbourne, Australia when he emigrated from his hometown of Floridia in the southern Italian island of Sicily with his wife Carmela and three sons. On his arrival in Australia, Mauro Montalto continued the family tradition and began making traditional Italian cheese for friends and local continental grocery stores, as a means of supporting his family.

Australians consume an average of around 12 kilograms of cheese per head each year, of which more than half is cheddar or cheddar-type cheeses.
Australia now produces more than 100 varieties of cheeses.



Floridia Cheese , Australia's respected traditional Italian cheese manufacturer, distribute throughout Australia and in numerous International markets, with distribution to the Retail, Food Service and Industrial markets.
The success of Floridia Cheese lies not only in their tradition of making fine cheese, but also in the integrity of their cheese-makers. The entire manufacturing process is guided by strict hygiene and safety standards to ensure that a supreme and consistent quality is maintained.

Featured Items

Floridia Traditional Ricotta

Floridia Cheese was founded in 1955, with generations of cheese making expertise. 


Floridia Pecorino


Floridia Pecorino is characteristically sharp, piquant flavoured cheese, Floridia Pecorino's robust flavour makes it wonderfully versatile.